My name is George Gross. In 1983 I decided to take up leather tooling.

From the beginning, I really didn't care for tools which restricted your creativity to an already determined size and shape. I was more comfortable having the freedom to create the size, shape and placement of a detail by way of my own manipulation of the leather. I quickly discovered modeling tools and I was on my way.

As I improved, I found myself demanding smaller and more accurate detailing. Unfortunately, the available off-the-shelf tools were unable to satisfy me, even after my own alterations, so I decided to make my own tools based on my needs. Of all of my experimentation, this is the most versatile tool I have ever made.

It is really nothing more than an extremely small modeling tool in both form and function. The tip is 1/32" in diameter and highly polished. It can form the smallest of details in the tightest of areas.

I believe this tool will be a welcomed addition to the workbench of any one interested in really "Fine tuning" their detailing.

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